What services does Meyer Tree Service offer?

   Meyer Tree Service offers several services to fit your Cincinnati area tree and landscaping needs.  Here is a list with some descriptions to help you understand what is offered:

  • Tree Pruning: This is where a tree is trimmed to fit the needs of the property owner or to help the tree continue to grow and thrive.  This service is one of the most common to be requested.  Meyer Tree Service generally removes all of the debris as part of our work, unless the client requests otherwise.
  • Tree Removal:  Taking pruning a step further is complete removal.  Sometimes a tree needs to be removed due to disease or death.  As with pruning, debris from the tree is usually removed from the property.

  • Tree Health Care:  As with humans and animals, trees can have health conditions that need attention.  Insect infestations, fungal issues, and other environmental issues can cause stress in a tree.  Tree health programs such as insect control and deep root fertilization are common requests for this kind of service.
  • Brush Trimming/Removal:  Honeysuckle is very common.  This service is a copy of the Tree Pruning and Removal services, except with brush.
  • Landscaping:  Meyer Tree Service offers expert landscaping services as well.  From just cleaning up a garden to complete overhauls, clients can trust Cincinnati’s own Meyer Tree Service to take care of their needs.


     If you need any of these services or are interested in learning more, call Meyer Tree Service today at (513)600-9932 or visit www.facebook.com/mtsohio